Fitness Plan

It has been decided that I need the truck for a minimum of one more week, to save my ankle the strain and danger of hiking up 1/2 mile of washed out, steep, gravel road in the dark after being on my feet for six hours at work.

It has also been decided that the flat tire on said vehicle happened from a razor sharp rock on said washed out road.

Further, it’s been discovered that the dead battery on said truck the day after said flat tire on said washed out road was the result of a junky starter that’s draining the batter.

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that this is the vehicle which will supposedly cause me less trouble than walking and, in fact, keep me out of harm’s way should I stumble or be attacked by a rabies-carrying raccoon from whom I cannot escape since I move so slowly with the ankle brace on.

Additionally, it has been decided—and this time by me, as opposed to outside and universal, unexplained forces—that my body needs intense coaching to get back into shape. I ate and ate and ate at my family’s house for nine days while I was on crutches. Besides homework, there wasn’t much else to do. Add to that the four-week trip before I turned my ankle into hamburger mush, and that’s a lot of eating out and sitting down (plains, trains, automobiles, restaurants, classrooms, theatres, lecture halls, and auditoriums—no exaggeration).

I make a list. I check it twice. Then I do everything on the list and about halfway through it all, my mind finally starts to unravel itself a bit and actually get into a body rhythm with the exercises—something beyond just the mind propelling me forward. It is possible, my friends, to break a sweat on a yoga mat even when you’re one ankle short of a good pair.

I type up the approved list of exercises (which includes physical therapy for the ankle), print five lines where I will fill in what I eat each day (five small meals for a hypoglycemic like me), and print it all out. Signed, sealed, delivered, this is it.

They say it takes ten days to create a habit. One down, nine to go. Wish me luck!

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