Check, Check

Body Check:

Two months after having a 1/4” thick piece of class stabbed into my foot, the scab finally fell off and a glossy scar remains. I can do all the things I could do before, I just can’t feel part of my toe if I touch it. That may change…or it may not. Either way, it could have been a lot worse.

I completed a pre-test of the Shuri Pine Tree Test last week and came in at 54:30, that’s 5 minutes and 30 seconds to spare, which is good because the real chin ups at the dojo are going to take longer than the ones I’ve been training with at home. I got a cold this weekend on top of last-minute waitressing, so I took the training down a knotch. Expect stats for another pre-test to be posted sometime this week.

Knee problems? What knee problems? It’s hard to believe I could barely hike up the Roan last spring without pain and now I hardly feel a thing. Many thousands of thanks-you’s to my uber-wise physical therapist in Asheville who helped me with a home program that has allowed me to continue training.

Heart Check:

I’m over the friend who was “emotionally unavailable.” Better off as friends, anyway. The only hard part about all of that, upon reflection, was accepting the fact that I am ready to date someone again. It’s hard to admit that when there isn’t anyone in your immediate life that you’re actually dating. But I’m over that difficulty, too. Yeah, sure—I’d date someone. Hello world, I’ll date someone again. Here I am. It’s summer – what better time could there be? (Ok, winters are nice too, for cuddling, winter sports, and in general having more leisure time.)

I took myself out to a nice dinner at The Vault in Asheville last week—a solo date at bar on a weeknight, no less. That’s a rare thing for me. But I had three hours to kill before picking my parents up at the airport and wouldn’t you know…I met the most fantastic guy. I don’t know if he’ll call, but I hope he does. If he doesn’t, it was at least reassuring to remember that lovely coincidences like that do happen. Especially, I suppose, if you live in the city and see more people than I do on a daily basis.

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