Little Place

Since Interlochen’s property spreads across the highway along both Duck and Green Lakes, decent portions of each shoreline are speckled with camp-owned three-season cabins. I’ve had my eye on a cabin adjacent to “boy’s side” [of camp] since my arrival in January.
I like to call the cabin Little Place. It’s slightly off kilter, sagging in the most characteristic ways. In some light it looks brown, others red. But always it looks like an invitation to a writer.
By February it occurred to stop peeking in the windows and try the door. To my surprise, it was open. I returned to the cabin several times afterwards, poking around the old furniture and marveling at the sweet, musty smell. By March, however, I decided to lock the door as a matter of campus security. Unlocked, unchecked cabins near a high school boarding school are an invitation for teen pregnancies (I’m not kidding).
But tonight as I went on my evening walk, the fireflies lighting my way, I noticed a light on in the vicinity. I approached slowly at first, then quickly once I realized nobody was outside. It seems as though summer residents have moved into the cabins on either side of my favorite one, which means that any day now Little Place will meet its new summer resident. The door remains locked, though it hasn’t escaped my memory that there’s a lovely, unlocked screened porch facing Duck Lake that I might need to spend a night in.
[Tomorrow I go camping on Lake Michigan for 3 days. When I return, I’ll post Sleeping Bear Dunes adventures and updates…then I’ll go check in Little Place…]

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