The Third Coast

They call them “the inland seas.” They call them “the third coast.” Together, they boast nearly 5,000 documented shipwrecks and conjure their own weather patterns.
Which is why, after severe thunderstorm warnings a good bit of rain, we bailed halfway through our Lake Michigan camping trip and headed back to Interlochen for a ridiculous girls’ slumber party.
Today, for a about $100 total I got front and center tickets to Bela Fleck, Taj Mahal, The Punch Brothers, and Lyle Lovett (thanks to my faculty discount). All concerts about 100 yards from where I live, with reserved, outdoor, shaded seating.
Tomorrow? The New Faculty Dinner for Summer Arts teachers…and the beginning a very, very blue six weeks. [And more narrative blog posts, since things will actually start happening…]

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