Hittin’ the Road

Well folks, we hit the road Saturday morning. Bummer is, I woke up with a head cold today and we got six inches of snow (and counting). It could be a rough start, but Steph grew up in New Jersey and has a fantastically optimistic outlook on winter driving that pairs nicely with my tendency to over-worry.
First stop: Murray, KY.
Second stop: Omaha, NE.
Third stop: Colorado?
Fourth stop: hot springs in northern Utah or southern Idaho?
Fifth stop: Boise, ID. (Steph flies out of Boise International Airport.)
Sixth stop: Enterprise, OR at Fishtrap!
Unpack: Lake house on Wallowa Lake, 2 miles from Joseph, OR. You can get a pretty sweet satellite image of this idyllic setting via Google maps by clicking here and typing in Wallowa Lake, OR.
Stay tuned for pics from the road. Once I unpack, as is customary of my residency experiences, there will be frequent posts about landscape, setting, topography, people, and craft. Can’t wait!

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