Phase 2

Enter Phase 2 of Texas-prep mode: The Big Sort. We’ve seen this before, folks, and I’m going at it hardcore this week as I stack, sort, donate, shift, break down, mail, and condense. Now that I know I’ve got up to one more year on the road, this isn’t just about Texas anymore. It’s about the long haul. I ready two “media mail” packages to send to my parents back in North Carolina, gather a bag of clothing to donate to the Women’s Resource Center in Traverse City, and schedule help from a few able-bodied friends (meaning, their feet aren’t injured like mine) who will help load up.
Oh, and while I’m at it I apply to a residency, send out two submissions, query two arts magazines, read up on Texas cowboys in the Old West, order printer ink cartridges, and clean the house I’ve stayed in all summer. That’s about enough for one day.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all the pep talks on Skype this week!

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