Sitka Day 3: Sunlight!

On third day, there is sunlight and my is it worth the wait! This photos was taken around 10:30am. There’s nothing I can say that can top what John Muir wrote in Travels to Alaska about his first glimpse of Glacier Bay, just a bit north of where I am right now:
“How long we gazed I never knew. The glorious vision passed away in a gradual fading change through a thousand tones of color to pale yellow and white, and then the work of the ice-world went on again in everyday beauty. The green waters of the fiord were filled with sun-spangles; the fleet of icebergs set forth on their voyages with the upspringing breeze; and on the innumerable mirrors and prisms of these bergs, and on those of the shattered crystal walls of the glaciers, common white light and rainbow light began to burn, while the mountains shone in their frosty jewelry, and loomed again in the thin azure in serene terrestrial majesty. We turned and sailed away…and our burning hearts were ready for any fate, feeling that, whatever the future might have in store, the treasures we had gained this glorious morning would enrich our lives forever.” (John Muir)
A few other photos are below as teasers (more on the new totem pole later) and if you’re online Tuesday at 8:19am Alaska Standard Time (that’s 9:19am Pacific Time and 12:19pm Eastern Standard Time), tune into live streaming on Raven Radio to catch my 10-minute interview.

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