A Little Dino of an Offer

Today’s post veers from Anchorage for a moment because TRACHODON: A Dinosaur of a Little Magazine is having a pre-sale for Issue 4. Of all the literary magazines I have (and do still) work for, this is the one I pour the most into. I’ve been able to be with it from the ground up as Associate Editor and I also manage its blog, Cheek Teeth.
So here’s the skinny: For $2.99 you can read 3 short stories, 3 essays, and view 1 image gallery in digital format. We’ve got emerging writers and established novelists in this issue, not to mention an astounding essay about artisan culture that is our strongest nonfiction contribution yet. Prefer print? Me too! The print issue is also on sale for $9.
The sale lasts through Saturday! Get Issue 4 here.
Thanks for reading, and check out the websites if you’re interested.

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