The Writing Studio: Winding Down with Windows

I’m nearing the end of my stay here in NC and today Dad and I had to tie up some loose ends with the two-person jobs we started this month. Once I’m gone, Dad will be solo again with the Airstream Sovereign and while I lament leaving, there are parts of my writing life I’ve been ignoring for three weeks straight. “It’s time to move on,” as Tom Petty sings, though if the trailer were sleeper-ready right now I’d consider dropping the conclusion of this three-year tour and–gasp–actually living in one spot for while…
As it is, today we finished the project with the screens. Here’s a few shots of the beauties screwed into place. With any luck, we’ll never have to take these off again!
Front end of Airstream with new screens. I never tire of looking at that control panel, either!
This window also has new gasket/weather stripping and newly treated window arms. All set to go inside and out!
It felt good to end with some detail work, but I know I’m leaving Dad with the tough stuff, not the last of which is reinstalling the bathroom sink and tub and piecing the closets and bed frames back together (which had to be disassembled to get at the plumbing). The good news is that we found 2 original glass Airstream windows from a collector/enthusiast in South Carolina and Dad can probably drive down next week to get them. We can’t afford to replace all the windows, but the 2 this gentleman has are the 2 that happen to be in the worst condition on our Airstream, so we’re all hoping the deal can be made.
Tomorrow? We’ll pass a little time by checking out two local Airstreams that have caught our attention. Call it “aluminitis,” call it Airstream Recon, we’re looking for parts and scoping out the neighbors. Stay tuned for the report!

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