Footbridges in Western North Carolina

I figure something like a “television debut,” however small or large, only happens once. Forgive the indulgence, but in case folks missed the episode, two versions are now available. The “Our State” show can be streamed in full, for those interested in the 30-minute episode that features Charley Poole, bamboo country, and Lost Crossings. For those interested in just the 10-minute portion featuring the footbridges in Lost Crossings, enjoy:

Meantime, please help me celebrate and spread the word about these unique footbridges by purchasing the Lost Crossings eBook (only $3.99) or the full-color print photo edition ($25) using the lefthand sidebar links or clicking here.
Regularly scheduled blogging returns on Thursday!

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  • Shuff

    This is fantastic, Katey! I love it. And it made me think of home. Lots of little bridges over cricks in kentucky. I never thought about how they got there or who built them.

    Thanks for this!


  • Darrell Vala

    Thank you! Just watched you on the NC channel.

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