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About this time last year, I wrote a short post titled “Ode to Teenagers” that turned out to be one of the (statistically) most popular posts on this site. It just goes to show, from writer-to-reader, one never knows what will strike a chord or when. I remember feeling exhausted the night I wrote that–excited for my students who had just given a stellar public reading, but worn down from many weeks of full-throttle teaching.
Tonight I feel similarly, plus I may be coming down with a cold…but I’m not too tired to say once again that Interlochen Summer Arts Camp Creative Writing Majors read so professionally and passionately, the word “proud” doesn’t even sum it up. Dressed in their “performance wear” of trademarked Interlochen corduroy knickers and tucked, buttoned, collared pale blue shirts, they were the picture of prepared. Approaching the podium to cheers of support from an audience of over 100, I could see many of my students were at once nervous and elated.
They read wonderfully from their hard-labored pieces of flash fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Given only 3 minutes to read their very best work from the past two-and-a-half weeks, each and everyone one of them gave it their very best. If you’re a teacher yourself or a lover of young, creative minds, here’s a peek at a few students whose readings I caught on video. This excerpt shows the introduction followed by 3 of my students reading flash fiction. Enjoy these young hearts and minds–I certainly have, and will be sad to see them go this Saturday.

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