Book Tour Drive-By Video

*Note: The Writing Life is taking a week off!

I’m officially back in North Carolina after 4 weeks on the road, 4 flights, 2700 car miles, and 11 events to wrap up the second (and hopefully final) extended leg of the book tour. I’m happy and exhausted, grateful and conflicted, satisfied and wondering…you name it, I’ve been on the roller coaster. It’s pretty neat to know that even with so many nights on the road, only 2 were spent in a hotel, thanks to many friends and family who hosted, fed, treated, and supported me along the way.

I certainly don’t have the same brain I had 32 events ago, when all of this began with the book launch on May 27th. Organizing what I’ve learned into any semblance of an essay at this point seems nearly impossible, but it will come in time. The major traveling is done, but still…I fly to NYC  on 11/2 for Danger Close, with more quick trips on the horizon. As is often the case when I’m so busy that I can’t even write, I lean on visual images (still photos and video clips) to express myself. I hope you enjoy this video of Book Tour Drive-By footage.

I was alone between events almost everywhere I went, so the only footage I could grab (and had time for) was often…while driving. That’s right, I ran the camera and the car simultaneously. These clips might be a little dizzying, and the soundtrack is certainly neurotic as it changes according to whatever was on the radio in whatever state I was filming at the time. If “dizzy” is how you feel after looking at this, and if you don’t always know where you are or what’s happening, then I suppose I’ve succeeded in portraying my experience.

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