Wonderland Trail: Highlights

Here are few snapshots from my 93-mile, 9-day journey around Mt. Rainier with great friends. It wasn’t as physically challenging as I thought–we made good time everyday and I could have hiked more. But I did get a horrible case of plantar fasciaitis that made for some epically painful afternoons on rocky tread. Other than that, my crucial hiking body parts held up and I’m ready for more!

Meantime, this week I’ve settled into a room of my very own (well, a writing room) on Mercy Me Hill (Brad’s home in VA). We intend to spend our weeks here, with weekends in the Airstream in NC. Poor Gus the Superdog, who has no clue why I keep coming and going, breaking his heart week after week. Luckily, he has my parents (his true owners) and 5 acres to patrol each day.

More on that transition coming up, for now, enjoy this lengthy survey video of some of the tread and terrain, including some of my favorite still shots. I wasn’t quite as inspired when filming or shooting on this trip as I was in Canyonlands two years ago , but this will provide a sense for where we went, in what order, and some of the more notable trailside features:

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