Farewell Lady Blue

You know you’re committed to your career when you sell your vehicle in service of it. Reluctantly but rationally, when I decided to embark on “one year of writing residencies on the road,” I [...]

Day 9: VCCA

Well folks: It’s been another productive day here at VCCA. And tonight? A dance party in a visual artist’s studio. Freshly painted canvases on the wall, a playlist from the NEA genius, and all [...]

Weekend Warrior

It’s another slam-dunk weekend at Pizzart and we’re having a blast. Yes, there are anxious moments. Yes, we are understaffed. But yes, the community is supporting us and yes, the owner is [...]

Happy Friday

I woke up this morning after two consecutive nights of fantastic sleep and felt like a flip switched in my brain. Onward and upward, my morning mood seemed to say—and thank god for that! I [...]

Here Goes!

Tomorrow I have 15 minutes in front of a panel of 10 administrators from Western North Carolina arts councils to prove that I can walk into any public school in this region and teach virtually [...]

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