Busy All Around

I’m putting several hours a day into this war stuff. I call it “stuff” because I don’t really know what else to call it—it doesn’t feel quite official enough to be “research.” I watch lots of [...]


Dear Friends and Fans, I’m happy to report some extraordinarily good news today! I was awarded 1st PRIZE in the PRESS 53 OPEN AWARDS contest for my short story, “My Father Calls Me Pequeña.” This [...]


Here’s what’s been going on: For days now I’ve been in that deeply immersed space of fiction and anything that interrupts that “dream” is difficult for me to focus [...]

The Third Coast

They call them “the inland seas.” They call them “the third coast.” Together, they boast nearly 5,000 documented shipwrecks and conjure their own weather patterns. Which is why, after severe [...]

Feels Like Home

Last night, I met a woman who I’d already met before. What I mean is, being the only newcomer at a potluck between old friends, I found someone who felt the most like the mountains of Western [...]

Game 7

Ladies and Gentlemen: How can I possibly write while holding my breath for 4 quarters of basketball? I have nothing further to say until Game 7 of the NBA Finals is over. GO CELTICS!

The Miracle of Meijer

I made my first pilgrimage to Meijer this week. It’s Michigan’s version of a family-owned chain that’s credited with coining the “supercenter” concept and literally trademarked the phrase, “One [...]

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