Jentel Day 2: Settling In

Ok, fine—so I had a moment. I’d left at 4am and flown Asheville to Charlotte to Denver to Sheridan. I was tired. My foot was still broken. And my cough still lingered. I’d unpacked everything, [...]

Jentel Day 1: Arrival

I’ve experienced a little of Wyoming’s colors before—backpacking in the Wind River Range, day hiking in the Tetons, camping in Yellowstone—but I’d never been to the eastern part of the state. [...]

The Big Sort

The third thing that’s hard about life on the road for two years is what I call “The Big Sort.” These are days at the conclusion of one residency and on the cusp of the next. Logistically [...]

Home Brew: Day 9

The teaching ends with a bang! in the best possible way. All morning and afternoon I sit back and listen as every single 6th grader in the entire school reads at our open mic. Of course, a few [...]

Home Brew: Day 8

Today I was pleasantly surprised, as it became clear that more of the 6th grade class was “with me” than I thought. Almost every single one of them completed their homework, which enabled us to [...]

Home Brew: Day 7

By In Archive

[This week I’m working with 3 different classes of 6th graders, about 70 students total.] It’s another week and another school, and though it seems logical that my lessons could only improve [...]

Home Brew: Day 6

[Not every teacher gets to say this is their view for the morning commute…but if you teach in Western North Carolina, chances are pretty good you get to encounter something like this more often [...]

Home Brew: Day 5

Today I switched gears to lead four back-to-back 90-minute sessions of high school English classes in Yancey County. I’d been looking forward to this experience for a number of reasons, most [...]

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