My 2010 Book List

Ladies and Gentlemen: I proudly present, My 2010 Book List. Here’s a list of everything I read…excluding submissions, editing manuscripts, news articles/magazines, and friends’ stories. It’s been [...]

Alaska 2010: Planning 5

Alaska bound! 1 REI pack = 50 pounds, exactly 1 portable office = 25 pounds, plus breakfast 1 plane ticket + 1 pair hiking boots + an insatiable penchant for the written word = 6 weeks in The [...]

The Lake at Night

I’ve been going down to the lake after sunset, letting its quiet sloshing against the sandy shores ready me for this next transition. I have always been a dependable person. But glimpse my inner [...]

Alaska 2010: Planning 4

It’s one week to departure for The Last Frontier and the Brooks Range is officially out. KB and I will have to backpack through the caribou migration a different year, when an early, cold fall is [...]

Alaska 2010: Planning 3

[Many thanks for your kind sleep wishes. I was granted 10 hours of sleep last night, aided by 5mg of melatonin.] That quickly, I have shifted gears. It’s 2 weeks to departure and I’m taking [...]

Alaska 2010: Planning 2

I’m talking on the phone with John Carr Walker, Editor-in-Chief of TRACHODON magazine. We’re trying to figure out the timing of things, prioritize tasks for Issue 1, and still maintain an eye on [...]

Alaska 2010: Planning 1

Planning four months in advance of my trip to Alaska might seem a bit, well, eager. But when you consider I have to find a place to store my car and my belongings, purchase a whopping plane [...]

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