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This weekend I travel to Interlochen Center for the Arts in northern Michigan to teach a 10-hour weekend-long course in Deep Revision for fiction and nonfiction. This is a new course for me and I’m excited and nervous in the best possible ways–when I get this feeling in my chest before teaching, I know I’m onto something. I’ll be delivering roughly 7 lesson (paired with activities and debriefs) on the topic of Deep Revision (more info here), including subjects such as: creative flow, sentence-level revision, tension, and reverse outlining, and scene interrogation.I know not everyone can travel for writing workshops due to family, finances, timing, and other obstacles. I want to take a moment to direct readers of The Writing Life toward my own “drafted” thoughts on this topic as expressed in my Revising the Novel series of posts. By going to the lower left sidebar of this site and entering the search term “Revising the Novel” into the box, you’ll be redirected to a listing of more than 30 posts on this subject matter.

I use The Writing Life as my public sketchpad to work through ideas and share the highs, lows, and middles of a writer’s life. That means free content as I go along, but if you find these writings beneficial and feel inspired to “pay it forward,” I’ll gladly accept your rating and/or review of Flashes of War on Amazon or Goodreads. This will really help!

Meantime, I’m en-route to Interlochen courtesy United Airlines, with the new album by my fave contemporary folk rock musician, Josh Ritter, ringing in my ears. Here’s a sample of his Sermon on the Rocks via NPR.

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