Will you join me for the three P’s?

I’ve decided to call 2019 my Year of Experiments. Every other month, I’ll host a webinar adhering to the 3 Ps: play, practice, and presence. To me, that means we all promise to show up with our existing skills and authentic mindsets, to open our minds, and exhibit a willingness to grow. For these webinars there’s no homework. No right or wrong. My greatest wish is simply that we come away feeling uplifted and poised the next time we attend to our writing goals.

Yes, we’ll also learn craft-based revision techniques. Yes, we’ll find ourselves in smart, strong community. But we’ll also be reminded that simply by approaching our desires to write with play, practice, and presence, so much can unfold. Writing doesn’t have to be excruciating. Revision doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Let’s do this right–with joy–together.

January’s experiment will be a Hybrid Open-Mic. Read more HERE, or jump in and register HERE.

Will you join me for making 2019 a year of play, practice and presence?

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