Singing and Crying in the Same Breath

It’s full blown spring here in Appalachia and the planet feels so abundant, so lush, I could almost forget that so much of it is also dying. Even writing that sentence, a twinge of sensation flutters beneath my lower eyelid. How can looking out the window make me want to sing and cry in the same breath?

Yesterday, I saw two black bear cubs out this window, just beneath the blooming dogwood tree. I wonder what part of them senses that devastating change is underfoot? Is, in fact, already blazing? I can’t stand thinking this way too terribly long; but I can’t stand ignoring these thoughts either.

So let’s get right to the heart of it, folks. The places where abundance and sorrow mix are ripe with truth and inspiration. If you’re reading this (and especially if you’re one of my Monthly Mentees, new or old) comment below or write to me with your answers to these provocations, and let’s get a conversation going:

  • At the start of this post, I asked, “How can looking out the window make me want to sing and cry in the same breath?” What, in your life, brings the paradox of abundance and sadness together? Describe it to me. Tell me what you think it’s all about.
  • Who or what in your life deserves to be uplifted, celebrated, named, or centered? What’s one thing you can do or might do to make that so?
  • For your writing: What question are you asking about your current or upcoming work in progress? I want to know, because asking the right question is a key step in coaching ourselves at the desk. Share your question with me and give me a little context, so I can reply with a deeper question or resource to support you on your journey.

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