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Katey Schultz is known for the integrity-filled heart that she brings to her work as an author, instructor, and literary citizen. She is often lovingly called “serious” by her family, but after some thought, Katey believes that what actually defines her are focus and devotion–purposeful traits that allow her to live each moment fully for maximum impact and art-making. These are the traits that have fueled her life’s passions and accomplishments: from hiking in more than 30 mountain ranges; to attracting 10,000 readers of her blog on the writing life; to winning critical acclaim for her debut collection of short stories, Flashes of War; to successfully guiding other writers toward publication and literary awards as the founder of Maximum Impact: Precision Courses & Services for Writers, Artists & Trailblazers. Raised in Portland, Oregon (where she acquired her serious passion for the outdoors, grunge music, and coffee), Katey now makes her home with her husband, Brad, on the border of the Pisgah National Forest in Celo, North Carolina.

“It is clear you are allowing us, as your blog readers, into your heart. I am so grateful for your continued willingness to be authentic and vulnerable. I often find myself pulling your blog up while I am at work—your words spur in me a sense of belonging to a world outside my cubicle—and remind me that The Writing Life is right here, right now. Your description of your own inner critic reminds me that EVERYONE has one, giving me courage to continue to stare mine down and write anyway. I appreciate reading about the genuine personal discoveries you encounter as you write.” (Elizabeth)