Home Again, Home Again

I came home from Chicago, after spending money like a fool, to discover a letter in my mailbox stating that I no longer have my job. I will not go back to the Coffeehouse next week for the start of another season. Call it let go. Call it laid off. Call it whatever. It is what it is. Eighty percent of the time, I’m not freaking out. The other twenty percent of the time, I’m irate.

In other news, follow this Lost Crossings link for an update on our fundraising efforts. The money is coming in – not quite there, at all – but at least we’re closer and closer as each day passes. In a few days, I’ll send out a reminder to the donors list. Keep your fingers crossed for us, folks!

And additional news: My first ever fiction piece was picked up this week, accepted by Writers’ Dojo (www.writersdojo.org) and will be published in their online journal. A Portland-based space and journal, it draws readers from everywhere thanks to the internet, but has its strongest following in the Pacific Northwest, which I like. I’ll post the link when it goes live.

Meanwhile, um, back to…work. Sorting, stacking, querying, applying, praying, counting pennies, etc.

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