Weymouth Center: Chair Portraiture

There’s the humble chair in the afternoon sunlight…
And the big booty chair in The Great Room.


The understated chair in the entrance hallway…
And the squatter’s chair outside the Weymouth office.
There’s the regal chair in the member’s only Friends of Weymouth room.

And the teensy tea chair in competition with the gold-rimmed China.

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  • rocky.l.cole@gmail.com

    Katey, I have enjoyed the posts from Weymouth immensely. It is very gratifying to see your development as a writer as you lope along the path. Are you a gypsy? Perhaps a literary gypsy? And I agree with the one writer's comment that you are on the right course. I am hoping for the best on your war stories. And, I also agree that you will be ahead of many people when you sit down to write your first novel.

    Allow me to make one comment in that regard: Your time on Roan Mountain as recorded in your blog… IS your first novel. That is how it read to me. Think about that for a moment. I'm just saying that you sucked me in completely, from the you started contemplating being a writer to where you are now.
    : )

  • Heidi Willis

    love it!

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