Weymouth Center: The Other Side of the Writing Life


The other side of my writing life is my editing life. I serve on the Advisory Board for Memoir <(and) journal and am founding Associate Editor of TRACHODON literary magazine, as conceived and published by John Carr Walker. I’m also privileged to freelance my teaching and editing skills to a few emerging practicing writers who send me their creative manuscripts for critique in exchange for a modest fee.
Since I handed in my fiction manuscript 11 days ago, I have thrown myself into TRACHODON editing responsibilities, which include reading submissions, conceiving the exciting re-launch of our blog (and designing the webpage), connecting with other editors, promoting the magazine, proofing the galleys, networking, phone conferencing, and more. Having the time and resources to get the job done while I’m at Weymouth has been of priceless assistance.
I’d like to take a moment to highlight the ways in which this dinosaur of a little magazine has made some exciting ripples in the past few months. We debuted with Issue 1 this fall (thank you, subscribers!). Issue 2 is already jam-packed, including work by 4-time Pacific Northwest Bookseller Award winner Pete Fromm and Michael Delp, author of more than 5 books of fiction and poetry and editor of several anthologies.
Here’s what we’ve been up to. Take a look, consider submitting or subscribing, and if you’re on Facebook or Twitter we can use all the “likes” and “friends” and “comments” we can get. The more the better as we navigate our way in this ever-changing publishing world.
TRACHODON featured as “New Lit on the Block” on New Pages.
TRACHODON debuts on Twitter.
TRACHODON Editor-in-Chief John Carr Walker and Issue 1 documented at Wordstock. Issue 1 is seen spread across the tables. John’s the guy in the red shirt with the big beard and teddy bear smile. Who knew so many editors also had beards?
TRACHODON featured as daily digest on Duotrope.
TRACHODON listed on Facebook, with a list of “fans” and “friends” that just makes us totally giddy.

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