I’ve been waiting for today since April, when I first learned that my work was being considered for the Queen’s Ferry Press Best Small Fictions anthology. Today, the 2015 collection launches and if ever there were a time to buy it, that time is now. A few clicks and this book’s ratings will go up, word will spread, and you’ll have in your hands one of the very best collections of short fiction around. Buy indy through bookstores like this one, or buy online through Amazon–whatever suits your fancy or your wallet–and then sit back and enjoy what I know is going to be a historically notable collection of top-notch work.

My flash fiction story “The Last Thing They Might Have Seen,” published last year in KYSO Flash, was nominated for consideration in this anthology and made it all the way to the list of 105 finalists. Even here, to have a story listed alongside the likes of legendary Stuart Dybek, for instance, felt quite exciting. From this list, 2015 judge Robert Olen Butler read blindly and chose 55 stories to be published in THE BEST SMALL FICTIONS 2015, and while my story was not selected, my name does appear as a finalist on the back of the book.

But what excited me even more about this collection is the fact that it serves as a great entry point for those writers new to flash fiction, as well as a trustworthy source for diverse voices for those writers practiced in the form. If you’re looking for top-notch, current flash fiction, this anthology is the book to order. Teaching a class? Become familiar with the form, get introduced to great writers, and enjoy the broad spectrum of stories as you explore which pieces you might want to use in your classroom.

Want more info? Here’s the official press release, and follow publisher Queens Ferry Press on Twitter or like the BSF FB page for updates on readings near year. Have you had a story published in the last year that you think is worthy of nomination? Have you read one published elsewhere that knocked your socks off? Notify the editors of those publications and encourage them to make their nominations for next year’s collection now.

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