Think Big: Fascination

The big news in my new, THINK BIG category of blog posts, is that I’ve hired a creative consultant. Why? Read here. [Oh, and the other big news is that I got a mention in The Washington Post — woot woot!]The end result will be a clearer, more elegant business model and online presence; one that celebrates my work as an author, highlights my expertise (and heartfelt care!) with my writing participants, and positions me as a thought leader.

To that end, my new best friend (aka the creative consultant) will help me consider some of the following…and this is just the beginning of a 16-week process:

  • What is it about me (my work, my offers) that fascinates people?
  • What’s evolving out of my contributions to the world? What is the impact?
  • What conversations do I contribute to and am I contributing effectively?
  • Is there a business name that comes from who I am, not necessarily where I am in relation to others?
  • What is my audience yearning for?
  • What is my audience’s biggest challenge(s)?
  • What is the premise, the promise, and the destination of each service I offer?

We’re 3.5 video consult hours into this (including the pro-bono consult, discussion of the proposal, and solidifying the agreement) and my mind is already spinning, expanding. I’m so excited for what’s to come, not because I think that what I’m doing now isn’t authentic; quite the contrary. What I do now is strong and meaningful and matters a lot to me…it matters enough that I’m going to use baking soda for toothpaste and sell every spare item in my home for the next four months in order to make ends meet. Right now, a complete stranger on the outside, looking in, cannot keenly glean the impact of my creative pursuits and passions in the world.

With help, that will change. And by mid-May, that change will go public.

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