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There’s still time to register for my online flash fiction class via 49 Writers.

“Katey, I took to heart your insightful comments and made the following changes. Hopefully this draft is closer. I welcome any further discussion and advice. I am grateful I took this leap.” (–past participant)

The “welcome week” for this class runs from 2/29 to 3/6 which is simply for getting familiar with the online learning platform that we’re using, as well as some introductions. Week One of course content is open from 3/7 – 3/13. This means you can register as late as 3/7 and still be good to go! The full syllabus is linked here. Although there’s only 1 “formal critique” during the 4-week class, I will be commenting on drafts every day on the Discussion Boards, and this has proven to not only motivate people to write, but also to share and rapidly deepen the learning experience.

A few more student testimonials:

“Wow, Katey, this is terrific advice. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the very specific and detailed feedback. First drafts are a bear, aren’t they, as you try to figure out what you want to say! Having readers like you makes all the difference for the next draft. Thanks again!”

“You hit the nail with your comment that there is some unifying force missing in my draft, as if there is a final bow that can be put on the story. I knew that, but had no idea what, exactly, was missing. I definitely want to revise this piece in consideration of your comments, especially when you said, ‘It’s not just about revenge…it’s about your character’s desire to feel strong again.’ Yes, that is whats I was going for. I’m glad you saw that, but I agree, it can be made more clear. I might use your suggested metaphor, but change it to something in my own words. Thanks again!”

“Thanks for your comments! It is so great to write something and get such thoughtful and helpful feedback.”

(All names and any identifying info has been altered or excluded, out of privacy for our online classroom and out of respect for my students.)

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