Kick Out the ICK: A Free Webinar w/ Katey

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Last month’s webinar on flash form writing was a blast! I hosted folks from three different time zones, across all genres of writing. We read, discussed, drafted, shared, and talked shop. This month, my free webinar focuses on Literary Stewardship, although solo entrepeneurs of any form will benefit from the skills I’m going to offer. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 19 at 12noon (eastern) and RSVP via the event page, or by contacting me directly.

What is genuine stewardship and marketing? “It’s not about competition, it’s about collaboration,” as Jane Friedman says. That means you can do things that take the ICK out of selling, celebrating, or promoting what you create and bring on the YES by learning how to find meaningful avenues for creative connection.

Spend your lunch hour learning how to articulate the conversations you care about in order to make clearer and more genuine contributions via social media, blog posts, in-person engagement, and other interactions with professionals and potential clients or readers. This webinar is free, fun, and includes an exercise to help you take the next steps in genuine engagement, as well as a Q&A session with the instructor. All you need is a set of earbuds, wifi, and a notebook. The webinar uses free Zoom video software to stream the live event, which I will instruct you in using.

Who is this ideal for? writers, authors, self-employed artists, small business owners, bloggers, creative consultants, publicists, PR managers, and anyone interested in communicating effectively and efficiently–so you can have time to get back to doing what you love most: CREATING.

Note: If you want a sneak peek at using Zoom software, go here for a tutorialI swear, it’s as easy as pie!

See you Tuesday for lunch!

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