Why Art, Why Now?

Do you see a story here? Me too. And this is only the beginning...let's write together. READ ON...

Do you see a story here? Me too. And this is only the beginning…let’s write together. READ ON…

These are trying times. We’re surrounded by uncertainty. Art is under attack. These are the sentiments I keep hearing, and while I have my anxieties about the future, a wavering faith in the significance of writing is not among them. I’m inspired by this quote from Margaret Atwood, writing for The Nation:

“…it may be enough to cultivate your own artistic garden—to do what you can as well as you can for as long as you can do it; to create alternate worlds that offer both temporary escapes and moments of insight; to open windows in the given world that allow us to see outside it. With the Trump era upon us, it’s the artists and writers who can remind us…we are not, finally, the sum of our politicians. Throughout history, it has been hope for artistic work that expresses, for this time and place, as powerfully and eloquently as possible, what it is to be human.”

Voices of optimism are growing now, and I hope if you’re reading this, yours is among them. I also hope that if you’re reading this, you care about continuing to cultivate your artistic garden and explore what it means to be human, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum. Flash form writing has always been my favorite because of its ability to so concisely speak to the human predicament, while also requiring craft techniques on the page that demand our very best. I can think of no better time than right now to commit to achieving our “best.” That’s why I’m publishing this direct call to action, asking readers to enroll in my 5-week Into the Flash course that combines online and live instruction.

Will it change politics? Will it make you happy? Will it be upsetting? Will it challenge you? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But what’s certain is that this class will encourage you to deepen your imagination and hone your observational skills as a creative person, which can only mean living a more engaged and uplifted life. Yes, that manifests on the page, but it also manifests at the grocery store…at the post office…when speaking to loved ones…

Will you join me? Early Bird registration for Into the Flash is now open and class size is limited. Embark on this 5-week in-depth exploration of creativity, metaphor, mindfulness, and craft through the lens of flash. The course includes feedback on your work, an optional live webinar each week, and an abundance of prompts, discussions, and outside-the-box creative thinking. The full syllabus along with FAQs and registration options are posted here: https://kateyschultz.com/into-the-flash/.

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