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Synching up conversations you care about with your right audience is as essential as your morning coffee and just as easy when done from a place of genuine interest.

This fall has been about conversations: in person, via snail mail, and through email. As writers and artists, conversations are the foundation of genuinely building an online presence and lasting face-to-face community. Yet with so many social media outlets and voices, online marketing for writers and artists can be a medium many of us don’t feel comfortable with or are frustrated by.

I talk about this in Lesson Two of my Literary Stewardship e-course and have written about elements of online marketing in the past.

This topic is important to me and I believe it’s possible for us to cultivate our right audience with online marketing when we contribute to conversations we care about.

But here’s the thing—conversations can change. We change as writers, as artists. We become intrigued by new topics. Cultural and political times demand new insights, relevant talking points. And even in the privacy of our studios, we can become captivated by a new concept…one that’s worth sharing and deepening.

Knowing that I might not be the only one to re-examine the conversations I care about, I created a DIY version of my e-course. It’s $15 and can take as little as an hour of your time, or may inspire you to examine your work more deeply for half a day. This updated offering will help you identify conversations that will inform your creativity, your online marketing language, your conversations with others, and how you represent yourself. The DIY version includes an audio download and companion worksheet from a webinar I taught a few months ago.

With ample space to free write, brainstorm and explore, we dig deep into what we have to say and where virtual and physical communities are gathering to explore similar passions. The audio also has some great audience questions about Facebook and what to do when you feel like you’re being pigeon-holed into a niche. Hint: identifying a variety of conversations to contribute to ahead of time, helps prevent this.

Will you join me in “kicking the ick” out of online marketing, learning how to engage authentically, and expanding our audiences in ways that actually feel good? The DIY course is available here for just $15, and of course, reach out with any questions you might have.

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