32 Books and a Baby

2017 came up quite shy of my former “one book a week” reading average, but when I went to my Goodreads page to tally my pages for the year, I was actually pretty surprised. Reading ranged from baby how-to’s to business myth-busters to novels and more. Here’s the final list:

Too hard to see all the titles and authors? Here is it in list format.

What books did you read in 2017? What stood out the most for you? I’m always excited to learn about what others find inspiring and memorable. Please share!

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  • Ellen Custer

    What were your favorite fiction books and why? Looking for a new book 😉

    • Katey

      North American Lake Monsters was gorgeous and hard, lovely and treacherous. The lyricism and story are there, but the speculative aspect made it almost easier to look at the difficult aspects of the human predicament. A Feminist Manifesto by Adichi is one that I will re-read every year on my son’s birthday. It’s a short read and ESSENTIAL. We The Animals was flowing and magical, in a way that reminded me of long hours playing in the back yard as a kid. Good luck!

  • Claudia Green

    Daughter of the Red Deer by Joan Wolfe… finally a book I wanted to fly through and yet never finish! The matriarchal tribe romancing the patriarchal tribe… beautifully written and has inspired me to research more about the Magdelanian Period… love the enticement of more research!!

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