Flash Fiction and Its Endless Possibility

flash fiction e-course

Can you see the possibility in this picture? My “Into the Flash” flash form writing class can help bring the possibilities you envision, to life.

Into the Flash is a 5-week, immersive, flash form writing class that will teach you how to imagine, think, and create work that conjures as much possibility as this picture. It only runs in April and Early Bird Registration open Feb. 1, 2018. This year I’m also offering a second section for students who have enjoyed this course in the past and are ready for round two! Email me to get on the early bird list.

As begin course preparations for Into the Flash, I’ve been thinking about how the form will serve as a training ground for slipping into the skins of characters, mastering scene, celebrating compression, and uplifting metaphor.  Not too long ago, I came across this video snippet of esteemed author Dinty W. Moore talking about flash nonfiction at AWP. If you haven’t read his memoir, Between Panic & Desire, I highly recommend it. It’s heartfelt, hilarious, and incredibly inspiring in terms of structure. There’s even a chapter in this book that’s a QUIZ for readers! Too fun!

If you’re ready to dive into some early winter flash fiction, check out my second e-course (the first lesson is free!), Flash in a Flash. This is a 5-day e-course in FUN! You get daily prompts, and email access to me, to help you dive into a new way to write. Most important this course is for all writers whether you’re published or at the skill building stage, I welcome the curious and experimental writer to try a new medium. Prefer to work with me live, sooner, and with other arts influences? Join Winter Camp, flash fiction for writers via Interlochen College of Creative Arts, which I’ll teach this February.

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