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flash fiction

What if you could hold the world between your palms?

Flash fiction writing does this using precise word choice, images, metaphor–in just a few pages. If you know how to do that, you can write scenes in your novels or memoirs, you can tighten images in your short stories, and you can have fun while you learn how.

Thinking about the e-courses I create to expand the imagination and teach flash form writing has brought me back to some of my favorite online sources for fine flash. While I often prefer to peruse my bookshelves for treasures buried in anthologies or story collections–where flash sneaks its way in unannounced more times that most folks realize (Hemingway wrote flash? Yes. Raymond Carver wrote flash? Yes. Steve Almond writes flash? Yes. Deb Olin Unferth writes flash? Yep indeedy.)–sometimes, I come up short. That’s when I turn my computer on and start sifting. Here are my go-to sites for flash fiction and flash nonfiction:

I offer two courses in Flash Form Writing. The first Flash in a Flash is a 5 day e-course in FUN and only costs $27–including feedback from me! Sign up at any time to start learning and imagining right away.

My second course, Into the Flash only runs in April and is a live, 5-week online course. Dive deep to learn about how you work best with your imagination, how that can serve your writing, where to begin, how to end, and what makes magic in between. This course fosters community and memorable experiences, and often leads to publishable results! Registration opens on February 1st – Email me to get on the early bird list.

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