A Particular Way of Seeing

I’m 75% full for INTO THE FLASH, my online, live, 5-week exploration of short-form flash writing at the early bird price. Will you join us? In this course we’ll write our way into Spring…and toward our deeper, most imaginative selves.


Because we, as a society, need to hone and celebrate our skills of observation and imagination. Because it’s a powerful way to honor your desire to write, and to turn that desire into a reality. Because when we train ourselves to look closely, we’re less likely to find ourselves stuck in confrontation, stagnation, or misunderstanding. And we’re more likely to write evocative, memorable, moving, publishable prose.

Write now. Right now.

Just a few hundred words at a time.

Weekly prompts will inspire and motivate.

It’s not about guilt or productivity.

It’s about committing to a particular way of seeing.

Of being. Of living your life.

Weekly Mindful Flow exercises will help you along the way. Curated, selected readings will expand your knowledge base. For creative types, writers, visual artists… Live webinars will be recorded (if you can’t make it), providing inspiration, community, and real-time support.

If you’d like to join us, explore the course page, sample syllabus, and registration options on this page: https://kateyschultz.com/into-the-flash/.

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