Flash Fiction Writing Prompts #2

In the past, I’ve posted flash fiction writing prompts via video to help jumpstart creativity and assist the imagination. In the spirit of my online course, Into the Flash (open for Early Bird registration now!), I thought I’d share a few flash fiction writing prompts again.

The 5 S’s of flash fiction writing are a great place to start (click here for a refresher on the 5 S’s). When you’re ready, check out the (optional) opening lines that I have given you, beneath the video, and see where your imagination takes you. The video is meant to complement and inspire what’s already within you; don’t get tripped up on “real” details that aren’t immediately obvious on film (What product is he putting into the bag? What does his face look like?). Imagine what you need to know; fill in, dive deep, have fun, and have at it!

Here are some opening lines to get you started:

At the Southeast Asian market, Gregory found fresh curry leaves and authentic pad thai sauce. He found sushi rice at rock bottom prices. He even found those obscure uttapam packets, the rich rice and lentil batter premixed and spiced to perfection. But what he hadn’t expected, what struck him square between the eyes as he watched the clerk ring up his groceries, was the fact that…”

Into the Flash is a live and online 5-week course. It serves as a training ground for slipping into the skins of your characters, celebrating compression, and uplifting metaphor. There is SO much more to this delightful genre than a prompt, and my online course exposes you to tools to help writers in any genre master scene and learn how to make crucial decisions about what to leave in and what to leave out. This fun, online offering also comes with a healthy dose of community, critique, sample texts, and lectures. Into the Flash only runs in April and is open for Early Bird Registration $290.00 with limited seats available.

If you’re not sure about this offering, my array of mentoring services is detailed here, or peruse accomplishments by my students as a testimonial to the power of these transformative online learning tools. I welcome your questions and participation!

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  • Emmaline Achieng

    I’m readying to read in depth and learn in depth them five As of Flash fiction. There’s so much for me to acquaint myself with and am Looking forward to this lessons from you.

  • Emmaline Achieng

    Not As but Ss. Of Flash fiction. Thanks for this message.

    • Katey

      Emmaline – So glad you found your way to my blog. If you search in the Flash Form Writing category, you’ll find tons of lessons! And if you signed up for the newsletter, which it sounds like you did, you’ll get the 5 S’s PDF in your inbox immediately. Please email me i fyou have any questions. I’ll reach out, too.

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