Saying YES to Distractions

I recently heard author Patricia Ann McNair deliver an excellent craft talk (at this event), in which she detailed the benefits of distraction. Sure, it’s one thing to check your email when you intended to be writing a short story. But letting the mind relax, explore, and play a little is not only healthy and natural, but in fact essential for an effective, sustained writing practice.

During her talk, we sketched, laughed, looked at other artists’ journals, and eventually shared any writings that happened to emerge during our hour of play and discovery. As usual, I came away feeling inspired by Patty’s teaching, and I also had a newly-remembered experience on my hands, just begging to be written into a flash nonfiction piece.

If you’re intrigued by sketching, distraction, or the art of play in your everyday life as a writer, here are a few resources I highly recommend:

[And all that said, if distraction is taken too far in your own daily life, or if you’re looking for gentle accountability and writing support, I have created a worldwide book club for writers that includes prompts and lessons. Read more here–now enrolling at early bird prices!]

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