Digging the Dog Days of Summer

Here in the mountains of NC, dog days of summer doesn’t really apply–at least in terms of oppressive heat. And while my Pacific Northwest roots mean I’ll never feel completely “at home” in any humid climate, where I live happens to be the place everyone goes to escape high heat and humidity. We have a few days in the low 80’s each summer, maybe 10-14 days total (but not in a row), and the rest of the time it’s typically in t

he 70’s. The river is nearby, the hollers and dense hardwood forest offer abundant shade, and there are 17 peaks over 6,000′ in elevation all around us. In other words: it’s gorgeous.

As the mother of a nearly 21-month old, the past two summers, in particular, have felt especially vibran

t to me. There’s nothing like a child to help you see the planet with fresh eyes, delighting in each blade of grass or the crunch of gravel underfoot. And who knew that something as simple as a stick could, in fact, turn into so many different things! While I long for uninterrupted hours of deep focus in reading and writing, the ways I’ve had to adapt have taught me new skills, and I know I haven’t forgotten “the old,” either.

Here are a few snapshots from our dog days of summer–full of sprinklers, thunderstorms, hilly yards, special neighbors, bird calls, mountain views, and love…all from our own backyard!

  • Peggy Starr

    Precious times.

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