DAY 7/10 #embodiment first

Snow day. River’s been home sick 4 days already. Routines seem a distant memory. I get trapped in trying to keep River and Brad out of my office for a few hours of work, and that’s enough to break my intention. The phone gets turned on. Texts and notifications abound. At least I’ve journaled and watered the plants; but that damn phone.

And look! Just look outside! The snow is coming down in undulating gusts, glorious and frigid.

But then the phone again—my new essay was published this morning and shouldn’t I be shouting that from the social media rooftops? People are tagging, tweeting, asking.

And then River again, at my office door—shouldn’t I bag the whole day and be at his every whim, play in the snow, toss routines out the window?

I look at the calendar and consider. This morning is the last chance I’ll have, without interruption, to complete my creative and business tasks for the entire week. If I can focus now, I’ll be more present the other days because my mind will be at ease. I will have written, met deadlines, taken care of my students, and handled all the family schedule/medical/birthday/you-name-it schtuff that can’t wait any longer.

And so I close the door. Even on this day, my son’s birthday, when my entire spirit and body are remembering his birth story.

But apparently I’m the only one who knows where the snow suit and boots are ( #mentalload ). The door flings open again and within seconds we’re down in the basement, gathering supplies. Right over our heads, the words wait. Cursor blinking. Mittens on, coats zipped, get ‘em out the door.

Ahhh. #Silence.

#beginagain and #forgivemyself for the phone and get back to my pen and this keyboard.

The words are still there, a little choppy, but still—there.

Today’s #embodiment first lesson: Don’t expect perfection of yourself or anyone else. “Failure” is only an invitation to learn, start again, experiment. In short, #breakthehabit of #perfectionism.

[These are not new ideas. But as each day is new, so it seems I need to keep reminding myself of these principles, too. Interested? Google Feminst Business School. It helped me.]

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