DAY 8/10 The Anti-List Lists

Dye the lists. Die, lists! One-third through #arrowmont #pentaculum 2020 and nearly done with this 10-day challenge, I’m leaning into the New Year with clear intent: REST DEEPLY.

I can make all the resolutions, goals, benchmarks, and content calendars I want. I can submit to contests, write and meditate and stretch, and fly once a month for book tour, too. But if I don’t #restdeeply then I won’t move slowly enough to keep my newly sanctified, tiny cave of peace and wisdom open in my body.

Let me explain: I spent Nov/Dec 2019 sick and in a cast. But because of my business and #mindsetshift nurtured by @michelle.warner and @tara_mcmullin, for the first time in 10 years, I could take bonafide “sick days” from my business. And for the first time—no joke—since middle school, I went more than 2.5 months WITHOUT EXERCISING.

What happened? I lost weight, highlighting the muscle tone I worked on much of 2019. My body felt (once illness ended) in balance and light, but also capable. I didn’t have to work so hard to be a hard worker…I could just…BE. I could just…EXIST, and damn—it was good enough! It was great!

More importantly, I finally felt the difference between making decisions using my drive, versus making decisions using my center (spirit, chi). I’ve been aware of these forces conceptually for all of my adult life. But society rewards DRIVE, and it especially asks women to use their DRIVE and then it often also punishes, condemns, and belittles them for using it. DRIVE is what I did, and have done, for damn near all my adult life.

But if I can work less, make more $, write more words, and feel better WITHOUT LETTING MY DRIVE BOSS ME AROUND, after 2 of the sickest months I’ve had in years, then that bears paying attention to. Which is why that tiny cave of peace and wisdom I mentioned is going to get all the #loveandattention it needs in 2020. It’s going to expand, and damn, I’m ready. Because it’s from this space that quieter, slower insight emerges. A place of sustainabilty, sensibility. A place of sensuality, too.

Run a business, write a new book, carry out a tour, grow as person…with LESS DRIVE? #hellyes

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