DAY 8/10 #deeprest

How can we be in motion, and rest deeply at the same time? Imagine a river. It never stops flowing. But that’s only the surface view; because of course how and where it flows is constantly changing, and deep beneath the water there’s a settling. A graceful sifting of silt and mica, muck and detritus. Go down, down. Deeper. What awaits?

Something still. Something rich. Something worth paying attention to.

And so too, almost in reverse, blood courses through our bodies even when we are at rest; rivers running beneath our skin. There’s always a place where quiet can be found. There’s always something restful, if we look close enough. Even in a war zone, (relative) peace can be found. Finding it often plays a role in how we learn to survive. And even in a busy-bustle-hustle-make-it-or-break-it economy, there’s ample space to MAKE IT and DO NOTHING. To find peace, amidst the starvation mentality of go-go-go.

Here’s video of my life/biz/writing mentor in action today…all I need to learn in life could quite likely be captured in these 10 seconds.

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