DAYS 9&10 #quietthechaos

A collective grieving. A constant vacillation between anxiety and gratitude. A riot of spring. An abundance of giggles. The gift of a hug. The gift of a virtual hug.

These are the kinds of phrases I keep hearing. And here we are, only in the beginning. People, we are finding kindness beyond measure. A vast percentage of us have gotten past the toilet paper hoarding and moved our faces into the warm light of spring (some through window panes, others through dappled forest light). I believe in our collective capability to heal and help each other TODAY, more than I did a month ago. And as thousands more will die, are dying, others are being born anew as they see their country, their city governments, their neighbors, in new, precious ways.

Connect, people. Innovate. Give. Grieve. Laugh. Repeat. WE ARE DOING IT. We are finding our way back to our essential selves. It’s horrific, at times. But I still see the hope in it; can’t help but see it.

Today I waved goodbye to my parents from a distance of about 20 feet. It’s the last time we’ll see each other in person, quite likely, for several months—though they live just three miles away. I have no words for this, when I look at my child. And tonight, when Brad comes home, he’ll shower and put on different clothes in the Airstream. He’ll park his vehicle distant from the one River and I often use, to avoid even that temptation of germs. And soon after today, we both know, he’ll come home and shower in the Airstream and put on different clothes…and stay in the Airstream.

But for now, he’ll come through the front door. It’s already open, waiting for him. It will always be open.

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