How can I reignite my spark for writing?

I recently chatted with a published author who shared “I’ve published a book and understand my process but feel so disconnected from who that writer was. I’m starting to doubt the value and meaning of my own work. How can I reignite my spark?”

Through Livewriting, Integrated Assignments, and the opportunity to work with a partner writer, Monthly Mentorship relies on an intelligent, kind, supportive community that focuses on slow, steady work for the long haul of the writing life. We do not coddle one another, but we do uplift each other. It’s much easier to leap into writing that might “go nowhere” or draft pages that could be “thrown out” if we know we’re not alone in trying. 

Monthly Mentee, Kelly Rothe shares how her writing took a “quantum leap”: 

“Katey has been my writing mentor for three years. I am a completely different writer. In truth, I am a writer now. Before, I kept journals and had fun with free writes. I didn’t know I could learn tools for revision. I didn’t know about structure, drafting, or concision. I didn’t know about invisible decisions, or that labeling scene, backstory, flashback, exposition etc. could clarify what changes needed to happen for flow and impact. I didn’t know there was no such thing as writer’s block, rather, that creative mediation, art, and movement, were all I needed–not more sitting at the desk and forcing it. Write from the body, she taught me. Find all the paths to your desk, she taught me. This includes a walk, cooking, or gardening (three of my favorite things). The discovery in revision is thrilling. I am grateful for Katey’s attention, philosophy, and gentle accountability through Monthly Mentorship. She has allowed me a quantum leap in writing.” ~ Kelly Rothe

Another Monthly Mentee, offers her thoughts on Integrative Assignments:

“At first, I hesitated to join Monthly Mentorship because it didn’t involve line-level feedback. Now, having worked with Katey’s Integrative Assignments, I am completely on board. Katey’s approach is teaching me to coach myself, expanding the size and nature of my writing ‘canvas’ with practicable techniques and ways of thinking about writing. The structure of the program and the intimate connection with the writing partner with whom Katey paired me, have provided a generous, gifted writing community. Now, when I think of myself as a writer, I have more confidence because I have the ability to spot things that aren’t working and a toolbox to make improvements.” ~ Mary Terzino, fiction writer

And it’s much more memorable when we find the gems in our scribbles, and can share that with our respected peers. This kind of reinforcement of behavior is as old as psychology itself; positive associations with effective habits get results, in science labs and in life!

If these questions are intriguing and you’re ready to get your writing spark back, I offer pro bono consults to discuss your writing needs. Set up an appointment or go straight to the application.

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