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Katey’s business has expanded. Her new offerings are listed here.
’Tis the season for many wonderful celebrations, and also the time of year when I start to enroll a few more private students in my Monthly Critiques services for Writer @ Large. This is my most popular program and participants can sign up for 4, 8, or 12 months at a time. Beginning in January, I have 3 spaces left for writers who would like to submit 10 or 20 pages of prose per month for critique. Here’s what others have said about this mentorship and feedback program:
“I’ve learned to think critically about language, to consider the impact of setting and landscape. My writing has become richer and better for it. I’m very grateful for your advice and comments, and your considered opinions about the work I’ve put forward. You have such a talent for teaching and mentorship. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you.” (Heather Clitheroe, award-winning short story writer)
I also have an opening for a full Manuscript Critique during April, June, or July. This involves sending all (or a large chunk of) your memoir, essay collection, short story collection, or novel to me in its most recent draft form. I’ll read your submission twice, then craft a personalized critique letter detailing the strengths of the work, the places I felt the prose coming up short, and a specific set of techniques and tools for addressing the manuscript’s shortcomings to propel you forward in revising your next draft. With a two-week turnaround time, this offering proves to be crucial for any writer seeking to publish his/her work and take their writing to the next level. A testimony:
“Katey is a careful and discerning editor, bringing the artist’s sensibility and the editor’s meticulous attention to detail to everything she does. Her insightful editing of several essays and my memoir has helped me identify and reduce abstractions, clarify detail and intensify scenes, and smooth the narrative flow while remaining true to the author’s voice and intentions. I value Katey’s input highly, and recommend her to anyone looking for professional and intensive guidance in his or her writing craft.” (Shannon Huffman Polson, author of North of Hope
Of course, Consultations can be scheduled at any time.  To enroll in Monthly Critiques, reserve your Manuscript Critique, or schedule a Consult, email me now and I’ll get you signed up. NOTE: Writer @ Large gift certificates for services are also available—give the gift of writing mentorship and gentle deadlines to a writer (or budding writer!) you know and want to encourage. Email me for details or visit my new offerings page.

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