Solstice Video Greeting

This year, I felt compelled to create a video message reflecting on 2015, announce some of the accomplishments of my private students, and share a few words about what it is I’m trying to accomplish with my vision for Writer @ Large and The Writing Life blog. I had so many words of thanks, I found it hard to keep my message brief. If you feel inclined to watch, just tell yourself I’ve stopped by for tea and a short visit. :-)I’ll be taking Decemeber 21 through January 12th off for The Writing Life blog, though working most days of the week except holidays in eager anticipation of a writing residency at Arrowmont. Meantime, all my Interlochen College (and other educational) offerings are now open for registration, including the [drums, please!] online flash fiction course!

Cheers, and Happy Solstice to all!

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