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A few of the fabulous artists I’ve worked with…

In July of 2015, I was invited to be the first Writer-in-Residence in the 100+ year history of Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts and delighted in the process of helping artists in other mediums find words to express what their work and lives are most passionately about. A few months later, I lectured to the Professional Crafts Program at Haywood Community College about the significance of being able to represent your work with words, engage with editors and curators, and present yourself professionally through online presence. Two other universities quickly reached out, inviting me to offer this same presentation next year.

From these experiences, and from 10 years spent interviewing over 70 craft artists for magazine features nationwide (examples), I’m delighted to announce that I’ve formalized my freelance services into an Artist Statement & Web Writing Package.

Need persuasion? Here are some candid thoughts from professionals in the contemporary craft world:

“I often tell the story of a craftsperson whose work appears consistently in the press and on posters for a craft show or event. The public assumption is that the venue chose that artist’s work to publicize because it was the ‘best’ and therefore that artist was worth seeking out at the show. But truthfully, it was because the artist had good images and was accessible, and whose artist statement or website was ready to go.” (Patricia Malarcher, former Editor-in-Chief, Surface Design Journal)

“I will consider artists statements when I am deciding whom to invite for an artist’s talk. Can you articulate how your work has progressed, what interests you about it? If writing is not your best skill, hire someone to write your artists statement for you.” (Marilyn Zapf, Assistant Director of The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design)

Here’s what artist Amy Tavern (view her artist statement) had to say about our experience working together:

“I needed a professional, outside voice and eye to help. I worked with writer Katey Schultz and it was one of the most rewarding processes I have ever been involved in. Katey helped draw my thoughts out of my head and onto paper in a clear, simple, and heartfelt way. I feel my artist statement expresses my interest in grad school and commitment to my work in a way that is true to who I am.” (Amy Tavern, metalsmith and installation artist)
Update, clarify, and improve your artist statement and website content so that it truly represents your professional and artistic aspirations. With current, compelling content, an artist statement should lure gallery owners, exhibition or residency jurors, collectors, granting agencies, academic institutions, and everyday art enthusiasts alike. Too often, these documents get neglected or are written in “art speak”—language that is inaccessible and obtuse.Learn more about my newly packaged Artist Statement & Web Writing package here
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