Let’s Create an Online Community

ICCA and I are hard at work, adding finishing touches to the instructional videos
for our upcoming online class!

Ack! That’s a little scary–too many little “me’s” all in a row! But I’m sharing this screenshot by way of demonstration, to show just how hard and “on top of things” Interlochen College of Creative Arts has been. For the past six months, they’ve been working with me–via email, phone, in-person video shoots, and Skype conferences–to prepare for the launch of ICCA’s first-ever online writing course. I’m honored to be the faculty member selected to do this, and really excited to see how it all comes together in just two short weeks.

Registration is open and there are still spaces left. The course is titled Winter Camp for Writers: Online Flash Fiction.

For my private students who have enrolled in my Weekly Flashes program in the past, you will not be getting ANY repeat content. For new folks out there, trust that I’ve worked my tail off to make this the best online community I can envision and that ICCA is bringing so much more to the program than I could ever formulate on my own. We’ll rock the cyber space for 4 weeks of work together–with an estimated minimum level of engagement set at 2-3 hours per week, but the maxiumum engagement is up to you–as you write and study and read above and beyond, to your heart’s content. I’ll check in to the site’s discussions and posts daily, providing feedback, answering questions, and encouraging conversation. I can’t wait, and I hope you’ll join me!

Bad timing? Want something else? Here are all ICCA’s offerings (online and in person) for Creative Writing.

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