Interview with Memoirist Rachel Starnes

Continuing my series of interviews celebrating the work of other authors, please allow me to introduce you to Rachel Starnes. Her story is one many of us hope for–the dream to write lives in the back of our minds for a while, and once we begin, we discover our story has so much more to offer than redemption or our own understanding. Rachel’s story has the power to move others and open a world not often shared. Recently, she discussed her work on NPR with Terry Gross.

Here, she spends time with me talking about the impact that moving from Naval base to Naval base has on a military spouse in terms of her own identity and career. She also shares the highs and lows of realizing your memoir reveals your heart, and your heart is now for sale on shelves all over the country. Notably, Rachel shares an “ah-hah” moment when students were practicing urban close air support over her home, where she sat with her two young sons, completely unaware of the hostage situation that was being re-enacted for training purposes. Please enjoy:


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