DIY Book Tour Tell All

DIY book tour

Your book, out in the world, on a DIY book tour

I want to (re)share an article that I wrote for The Billfold a while back, featuring some of the things I learned doing a DIY book tour with an average of 1 event per week for an entire year. Readers of this blog might have noticed a theme as of late: Giving it all away. (Ok, well, not ALL of it. But lots of it!). It’s my goal to make the writing life easier and more enjoyable for others, and part of that means sharing resources, co-creating what’s missing, and refusing to buy into “industry secrets.” Nothing needs to be secret. Secrecy breeds scarcity, and nobody is happy in that situation.We’re all in this together, not against each other!

This is a DIY book tour tell-all, folks, right down to the bitter numbers and the high points.

Here is the link: What it Costs to DIY a First Book Tour.

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