The 5 S’s of Flash Form

flash form

In flash form writing, you decide. Anything is possible.

Flash form writing is an excellent way to engage and jumpstart your creativity, just make sure you have the 5 S’s. I’m delighted to share this brief, instructional video with my readers today which will help you get start thinking about how to write flash fiction.
This video was filmed at Interlochen Center for the Arts, an amazing arts center in Michigan where I teach four times a year. Their YouTube channel is full of inspirational videos, including this series of mini-lessons from faculty members like myself. I use this lesson in classrooms ranging from third grade to adult, varying the complexity (and the number of S’s, for the younger kids) and the types of examples provided. Short and powerful, just like flash! Here goes:

Now that you have an understanding of the 5 S’s, consider tightening your form and going for a deep dive with my flash form course, Into the Flash. It only runs in April and is a live and online 5-week course. The flash form will serve as a training ground for slipping into the skins of your characters, mastering scene, celebrating compression, and uplifting metaphor. Early Bird Registration opens this week, Feb. 1st – Email me to get on the early bird list.

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  • Rebecca Huntley

    Early bird list, please.

  • Anna Graven

    I love this strategy. It is simple, but effective. Thanks for sharing.

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