Two Testaments

Thumbs up? You betchya!

I’ve been in business for ten years, but sometimes people still don’t entirely realize I founded and direct this business. What is it? What does it do? Maximum Impact provides transformative online curricula and tools for the creative writing process. I help writers and studio artists achieve their publishing and project goals founded on authentic and imaginative engagement. Through my business’ unique mentorship approach, clients experience a paradigm shift enabling them to find deep focus, gentle accountability, and ultimately become their own best sources for inspiration. Some live quietly, pursuing projects for personal fulfillment. Others prefer a public sphere and go on to win awards, receive funding, and in turn inspire others.

The dictionary offers the following definition of testament“an achievement that is a testament to his professionalism and dedication: testimony, witness, evidence, proof, attestation; demonstration, indication, symbol, exemplification; monument, tribute.” First, let’s go ahead and change that “his” to HER…or at least to his/her! Second, I want to share two testimonials that came my way, unsolicited, because they point to the kind of “surprise” my online offerings can create for writers and artists.

Here’s what painter Jill Steenhuis said after taking my Literary Stewardship ecourse. Yep, she’s an artist..but she knows that marketing and sustainable engagement skills are necessary for artists in all mediums (words, or otherwise). She’s seeing immediate results from the lessons in my e-course and her positive actions:

“Thanks to what I learned from Katey Schultz’s e-course, I have been accepted in the juried Oil Painters of America, Women Artist’s of America and one of my lithographs was chosen to be in the prestigious Salmagundi Club Printmaking Exhibition in New York. Katey’s course gave me useful guidance on how to use social media in a wise and fruitful way. Discovering tools like Buffer has saved me so much time already. The main thing is her e-course brings one to look at the big picture of one’s creative career in the modern day, whether an artist or a writer, and teaches one to use the modern day tools in a way that is adapted to the ones individual needs. I have climbed to a higher level and I know where to go. Thank you, Katey!”

And this, from a writer relatively new to the form, seeking to expand her imagination and skill set. Last year, she took Into the Flash class, which is enrolling at early bird pricing right now, and we’ve been working together in one form or another ever since: “I was surprised how much my creativity increased and by how much I enjoyed writing time during the webinar, not to mention the ideas and confidence all of this generated. This was probably one of the best classes I have ever taken, and the online format was part of what made it so effective. There was enough face-to-face interaction, with plenty of time for exploration and reflection.”



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